b&b mortirolo

Meet Giordano and Sara, my long lost family from Sparso, Italy.

Sparso is a small district 2.5 hours north of Milan in the Valtellina Mountains of the Italian Alps. The area is filled with scenic vistas of breathtaking mountains, Italian vineyards, and small churches that sit high in the mountains overlooking the villages below.

Giordano and Sara are perhaps the nicest and most adorable couple I have ever met. Together they operate the beautiful B&B Mortirolo.

When the Italian government moved in with the Euro currency the economy collapsed and Italians were forced to re-imagine their way of life. Sara and Giordano took an inspiring approach by creating a small guest house and dedicating themselves to the small things that define hospitality.

Not usually a B&B-going traveler, I didn’t have a lot of accommodation options on my way to St. Moritz, Switzerland, a stop on my tour of Olympic host cities. However, I am so happy I fell into the lives of these two wonderful people. I am so grateful for how they put a roof over my head when I was in need.

Giordano made me a cake made from the ancient stone flour grains from his father’s mill, they provided organic honey from the fathers bee hives, fresh eggs from the grandparents hens, and baked goods from local producers. On top of their world-class hospitality, Sara and Giordano invited me over to their home for a fresh pasta dinner. We had a wonderful evening discussing life in Italy and Canada alike.

Both of these amazing people are a testament to the belief that a smile goes a long way. I felt like a brother from the moment I met these two and I continue to live life with their positive approach and loving manners.

Sara and Giordano are, without a doubt, members of the thegoodpeople.

If you ever find yourself 500km away from Sparso and the B&B Mortirolo, I strongly suggest stopping by. For more information on their family-run B&B, visit their website.


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